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            TheAssociation Megalohoriton of America is a non-profit corporation established in 1988 under the laws of the State of North Carolina with the seat of the corporation in Charlotte, North Carolina. With determination and love for their village of Megalo Horio (Mega Village), Evrytanias, Greece, the founding persons established the Association to keep the villagers in America connected, remain connected with their village, and keep their children connected with one another and with their ancestral roots. The corporation is organized exclusively for fellowship, religious, charitable, aid to the indigents, educational, and philanthropic purposes (RESTATED CHARTER OF SYLOGOS MEGALO HORITON AMERIKIS).
            Membership in Association is open to any person with a connection to the village of Megalo Horio by birth, ancestry, marriage or interest in the stated purposes of the Association. A person can also be named an honorary member by the Association.
The Association’s directory includes 250 addresses. The majority of members live within the South Atlantic States region, mainly Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia/Washington, DC area. Other members live within the Northeastern and Midwestern States regions.
            The Association holds one major event annually for the entire membership to conduct its year-to-year business, followed by a program of fellowship festivities and commentary. The finances for the operation and projects derive from membership dues, contributions, and fund raising projects. During its twenty-year history, the Association funded the purchase of religious items for churches at the village and provided financial assistance to individual people in need.
            The lifeblood of the Association Megalohoriton of America is the bond among its members (The word Megalohoriton means people of the Mega Village). They Travel long distances across state lines every year to celebrate the roots they share, the courage for the struggles they or their parents and grandparents endured as immigrants and their success in their new life in America; they travel long distances to keep their heritage alive. They are connected with the roots of a village people, a people whose anchor was the Orthodox Christian Faith, Work, and family; they are connected with the roots of a people who fought and died for freedom believing “It is better to live one hour free than a lifetime in slavery.”
            The Association publishes the Enosis magazine. The word enosis means unity. The magazine strives to relate events of the present with events of the past and aspirations for the future. The publication is the voice of its members as citizens of America and members of the GreekAmerican community. It publishes content relevant to GreekAmericans and to friends of GreekAmericans, including membership news and documentaries, topics of general interest, opinion and commentary.
            The first Enosis issue was published in the fall of 2000 with the photo of the three hands on the cover page, symbolizing our unity with our past, present and future generations.

Association Megalohoriton of America Est. in 1988